Senior Independent Inquiry Project


Welcome to the home of the St. George’s School Senior Independent Inquiry Project.  This site acts as a description of the project and serves as a communications hub for the participants and their blogs.

The Senior Independent Inquiry Project takes it’s inspiration from a number of inquiry driven initiatives locally and internationally not the least of which is the Senior Projects programme that was instituted at the school under the caring stewardship of the late Craig Newell, long serving St. George’s math teacher and Department Head.  The project values the process of students pursuing questions that speak to their passions.  These projects are student created and completed.  The students enlist the help of a content specialist as mentor and a research mentor as resources.  These mentors are not teachers as much as they are guides or coaches as the students pursue their own path to answering their inquiry questions.

Please, follow the blogs of the participants below as they take their journey of discovery.  Interact with them through the commenting opportunities.  If you have experience in the areas of their pursuit, I am confident that they will be grateful for the perspective and resources that you may be able to add to their thinking.  If you have questions or comments about the program as a whole, please leave them in the comments at the bottom of this page or in the project blog.

The participants are:





Ridge & Jonah

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