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By | October 17, 2013

Q.Why is this property right for us?

I think they there are truly an incalculable number of reasons why this is the right plot for us. In preparation for our search for land we developed a spreadsheet ranking different criterion for the land, and in doing this developed what was essentially a weighted checklist for all the different uses we where considering  for development. The thing that really struck me while touring the property was how closely it adhered to this list, it was kind of uncanny. And later when we filled in the rankings the average was like 8.5 out of 10 which was by far the best score any property got.

I will try to avoid overlap with Jonah in my account, but to me the BEST feature was the NFS (national forest service) land surrounding the property, this increases the land we are purchasing by many factors of magnitude. giving us thousands of acres to ATV, Hunt, Hike, Snowshoe, and cross-country ski in . Which to me is the highest use of the land . This concept of private + public land that none else has access to is something i have experienced before at our old property in Georgia and it really effectively means that that land is yours. Another part of this property that really appeals to me is the proximity to baker which currently has the most snowfall in north america!

So basically i’m excited to play in the woods, will post an account of our negotiations ASAP.

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