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By | October 17, 2013

Why is this property right for us?


I fell in love with this property the first time both Ridge and I visited it. 150 acres of second growth forest, with some outstanding sites one of which includes a stunning waterfall. After meeting the property owner (Gary), his assistant (Don), as well as Don’s son Little Don, we decided that along with buying a property that shows potential towards our business endeavors, we wished to have some sort of emotional connection with the land which was created through befriending the current people who reside on the property. This property has been in Gary’s family for hundreds of years and holds a significant amount of sentimental value to him. With this in mind we felt that we would love to obtain this property, allowing Gary to use it as he pleases, and also be able to use the land in a way that would make Gary happy. Logistics wise this property has the vast amount of space necessary for the multiple projects that are intended to go up on this property, as well as many easements. This property is surrounded by government land and clear cut forests so if we end up buying this property we could potentially be saving another section of the forest in Washington from being clear cut. The other perk of this property being surrounded by government land is that the access to the property is limited, which in turn allows the property to be very private. The power system that is currently on the property is a Hydro electric system, of which hardly any of the potential power is being harvested and utilized. This hydro electric power system has the potential to support the majority of the projects that will be going up on the property, and through being allowed to sell the excess power back to the state of Washington we will be able to pay off the price of the property within five years.


Overall, this property is ideal for our intentions, and will allow us to have a secluded resting place, as well as many interesting projects.

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