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By | November 7, 2013

One of the projects on the property is the possibility of an eco resort/retreat. Even though this has not been confirmed as one of the definite projects, Ridge and I decided to have a little bit of fun, trying to imagine the eco resort from a design perspective. A little while ago there was a furniture design expo at the Vancouver Convention Center. Dr. Erica Frank met many potential designers and came to us with ideas for the design of the furniture in the eco resort. After going through many of their portfolios, Ridge and I decided on a woodworking artist named Martin Byers. Martin’s shop is located in Deep Cove Vancouver Island, where he grew up. Martin’s respect for his childhood environment is prevalent in his work through his use of local woods and the aspect of simple elegance. The idea for the furniture for the eco resort is that it will all be made from wood on the property. The furniture will furnish the different accommodations that are part of the eco resort. This is the first of many designers that we will look to employ for various different aspects of the eco resort and other projects.


This is the link to Martin’s website :


Please take the time to check out the amazing work he’s doing.


– Ridge and Jonah

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