Monthly Archives: October 2013

Feasibility period

My original plan was to to try and only update this blog with actual concrete information and analysis, but this has promptly broken down upon entering these 60 days of stagnation know as the “feasibility” period. At this point the actual purchase of this land is all but guaranteed, and all that remains is schematics.… Read More »

Intense Negotiations

So last Friday we made the drive down to Bellingham WA to begin formal negotiations. Our entourage consisted of our lawyer Tom, and our real estate agent Neil. In Bellingham we met with the property’s owner Gary and his representation Charlie. Things went well, we conceited to his asking price in exchange for a longer… Read More »

Jonah’s Account

Why is this property right for us?   I fell in love with this property the first time both Ridge and I visited it. 150 acres of second growth forest, with some outstanding sites one of which includes a stunning waterfall. After meeting the property owner (Gary), his assistant (Don), as well as Don’s son… Read More »

Ridge’s Account

Q.Why is this property right for us? I think they there are truly an incalculable number of reasons why this is the right plot for us. In preparation for our search for land we developed a spreadsheet ranking different criterion for the land, and in doing this developed what was essentially a weighted checklist for… Read More »

We think we found the right property!

Here is the official listing: The thing with this particular parcel is that what is listed here is not the whole story, what is really on on offer to us is about double what is shown. the full piece encompasses 150 total square acres which stretch from the Nooksack  river up into the mountains.… Read More »