Brainstorming: A student guide for intellectual property.

My primary goal is to construct and provide a student manual or guide regarding intellectual property. There are quite a few guides out there that are specifically designed for students. However, most guides focus on graduate students if not undergrads and a guide for Canadian high school students is very limited.

High school students, in my opinion at least, underestimate intellectual property. The generation today grew up with spreadable media, where people post comments and repost videos without any difficulty. We are the so-called “digital natives”.

How many of you, as high school students, worried about intellectual property? We do a video project for a Science class where we take edit multiple videos from YouTube and we copy and paste google images onto our power point presentation. None of which originally belongs to us.

I understand that the common understanding is that an individual’s use of certain works is for an educational or non-profit purpose, the individual is free to utilize that source at his will. But intellectual property is not as simple as that. Many times under the barrier of ‘educational’ purposes, it is easier to use whats out there. However, along with technological and social development, the concept of intellectual property will continue to change and conflicts will arise.

In conclusion, here the some of the questions that I hope to answer:

– what is intellectual property?

– how does intellectual property affect our school life?

– what is the difference between intellectual property and copyright?

– what is the difference between copyright and patent?

– can I use pictures, videos, or music for educational purposes?

– how is a student’s creative work (composition, painting, essay etc.) protected?

– what are some of the consequences of infringing intellectual property?

– what are major differences between the intellectual property laws in Canada and those in the U.S.?

– what are the actions, procedures, or cautions we have to take, as Canadian high school students?