Rephrasing the Project

My initial goal for this project has been relatively broad: on intellectual property. Through considerate thinking and reading “Spreadable Media”, I now have a better understanding of what I wish to focus on.

Some of the questions that arose along the way were:

1. My initial topic was on intellectual property. What about intellectual property am I going to focus on?

2. How does Spreadable Media relate to intellectual property?

3. What steps can we, as students, take in order to value and properly address intellectual property?

Intellectual property, despite the laws or legal aspects to it, is often underestimated, misunderstood, and becomes subjective. And as a high school student myself, I plan to specifically address the questions above to the student body and provide a clear explanation and an understanding of how intellectual property is related to us students. Ultimately, I hope that my project will help students utilize the information/suggestions I present within their daily activities.


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