Hi there! If by any chance anybody will ever view this blog other than the folks at my school…DON’T LEAVE ME! My name’s Leon and we’re about to go on a journey of sorts. Before I share with you my grand scheme of enlightenment thought, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Current Location: Vancouver, British Columbia/Age: 17/Fun fact: I’m probably taller than you/Pet peeves: loose threads/Hobbies: reading, travelling, running/Athletics: rowing crew (not dragon boating), volleyball

Moving on

So the creation of this blog is part of a course I am enrolled in called the Independent Research Project. I am currently attending my last year in high-school. This course allows senior students a opportunity to explore any topic of interest with the requirement of presenting their findings through some sort of medium at the conclusion.


What does my project involve? Well, its kind of a spiritual journey of sorts. As a child raised in a secular family, I’ve always mingled with the idea of spirituality. But until now,  further exploration on this subject has never presented itself.  My thesis, if you will, is to embrace a clustor of faiths in order to find personal spirituality. I hope to learn a little more about myself through this experience as well.

Alongside this blog, I will also be completing a research paper in an attempt to discover why humans find religion so attractive and why we allow such an ambiguous concept to govern over ourselves.

This journey will be very open-ended. In that I mean I might come up completely empty-handed. In the end, maybe the only realization I’ll come to is that I’m perfectly content with the way I’ve been going about. Who knows?

*Pi is a reference to Yann Martel’s famous novel/film “Life of Pi.” The protagonist embarks on a similar journey with the goal of finding a faith of best fit.

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  1. Great intro, Leon! I love that you’re welcoming folks along for the ride and the personal tone to your intro post makes me want to be engaged with the process and see where it goes. Looking forward to the journey!

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