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Zen Garden of Kyoto

So off the top, when I do come around to thinking about this project and where it’s going to take me, I spend a lot of time contemplating where to start. I mean, I need a concrete blueprint to how this IRP is going to work out. So the way I figure, this is going to be broken down into a three step process.

1. Do some extensive background research. It’s important to understand some of the fundamental ideas and beliefs surrounding each faith. I need some substance before moving on to part two.

2. What better way to find out about a faith than to have a chat with an expert (priest, pastor, rabbi, etc.)? Fortunately, I currently live in a very multicultural city, so there are plenty of opportunities. I’d tell you where I actually live, but I’ve been recently warned that sharing one’s personal information freely on the cyberspace is apparently dangerous! (what???)

3. After some conversations (and maybe a few congregations), I shall commence a thorough analysis of my findings. I haven’t really figured out what happens after. I expect there will be some sort of process of elimination. I’ll probably have to come up with a criteria list as well.

The goal is to finish the bulk of my precursor research before term one of the school year ends (prior to Christmas). I hope to establish my contacts and book all of the meetings by this point as well. This leaves term two to complete parts two and three. I realise this is a half-year coarse and some aspects might be a tight fit. However, if all goes according to structure, this project is definately doable.

Stay tuned!