• What aspect of the process did you find the most/least effective?

I think the documentation in itself let me see the progress more clearly in that I could then easily reflect on how a certain art piece changed throughout the process of creation. After any sort of significant change in the piece, I would either photograph or screen-capture my progress and then, I would be able to more accurately describe its development. I think that the theme of my blog actually helped the cohesion quite a lot because its layout was very simple and was centered around images in the blog post which complimented my project very well.

  • How could the application process be improved?

In my opinion, there aren’t too many things that I would have changed in the application process if I had the chance. I think that the questions that were given to me on the survey worked well, making me think more in depth as to how I wanted this inquiry project to turn out.

  • How would you think we could improve the thesis creation phase?

As I have now completed an inquiry project related to art and design, I think the broadness of the criteria for thesis creation is crucial because something like the exploration of art can be done in countless ways and the expression of such through different individuals is even more unique.

  • When did you feel most or least motivated?

Since this project allowed me to truly express and explore my own design aesthetic to its fullest potential, I don’t think I could say that there were any points where I wasn’t motivated to produce content. Of course, there were days when I was bogged down with other commitments or simply lazy, but that still wasn’t a hindrance in the long run.

  • What advice do you have for incoming students?  Think about the program in general and at specific points in the process.

For incoming students, I think that the most important factor to keep in mind is the scope of the commitment that is required if you take this on. Whether for one semester or a full year, I wanted to pursue this inquiry project because it essentially created a course for me that wasn’t available in the school. Something like this where there isn’t a teacher assigning or looking over your work is very much self-driven and what you gain out of it directly correlates to how much you put in. I was prepared to seriously create content on a consistent basis because I was truly interested in the work.

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