My personal inclination is to ensure professionalism in my work. So in order to showcase my garments, I wanted to shoot them as professionally as possible. I gathered together some lighting equipment, found a model, and did as much research as I could into fashion photography and lighting. After about 8 hours total of troubleshooting with the lighting, I finally had everything set.

I ended up using a simple three-point lighting setup but it was good to learn about different techniques that I could use as well. I shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and used a projector screen as backdrop.


This is a behind the scenes shot of my lighting setup:

This is a dress that I made during the summer at a Pre-College Summer Intensive Course at Parsons. The criteria was that I had to draw inspiration from Chinatown and the garment had to be made from unconventional material. This dress is made out of canvas and chopsticks.

Here is a before and after of what the photo looked like right out of the camera as well as after retouching.

Canvas Before and After xx

For my bubble wrap dress, I had a more difficult time in post figuring out what to do with it. As I had predicted, the bubble wrap did not photograph too well and I wasn’t satisfied with any of the photos that I had taken. I was starting to think that I wouldn’t be able to use this piece for my portfolio but thankfully, I had an epiphany. I decided to take a vintage/surrealistic bent to this photo so I cropped it in order┬áto accentuate the curves in the dress that were most obvious and remove the face in order to add to the feeling that I was going for. I am really satisfied with the result!

Wrap Before and After xx

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