With this painting, I took a much different approach than to all the other works that I have done.

The major focal point was in fact the process of making it rather than the end product. I have found myself to be very centralized over what the end product will look like and thus I have inhibited myself from exploring the options that are in front of me during the process. With this painting I was able to force myself to reduce the painting and deduct elements from it in order to move forward.

photo 1

I began with painting thick black strokes in connecting shapes on the canvas in a way that I thought to be aesthetically pleasing. I then waited a period of time for some areas of the paint to dry. After, I placed the canvas in the sink and blasted water onto certain parts of the painting which would peel away the less dry areas. This resulted in very interesting patterns and textures that I quite enjoyed discovering through this process.

My next step was to add in elements of colour.


I achieved this layer of colour by applying a palette of cohesive colours to certain areas while still using the same technique of spraying out large pieces of the paint. On one hand, I am very drawn to the striated and scratched texture of the coloured paint, which is accented even more by the similar yet bolder strokes of black. However, I wasn’t too keen on the whole messiness and dirtiness of the composition and how there wasn’t a truly evident point of focus. The reason that I labelled this blog post, “Pandemonium” was that the sense of chaos was exactly what this painting reminded me of. And yet, even though I didn’t like this painting personally, every other person I spoke to about it really liked it. So I am left wondering, “Am I the crazy one here?” In any case, after looking at it for some time, it has started to grow on me…

I drew my inspiration from artists such as Robert Motherwell who employ very expressive and bold strokes of  paint.


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