For this I am moving into the realm of photomanipulation. I wanted to play with the ideas expressed in my mountain range painting except this time, put a different, more into-the-subconcsious feeling into it. When I first began gathering ideas, I wanted to look into triangulation and how I could incorporate that into my photos (“Futurized Fears” by Iulian Balinisteanu). I also wanted to try out overlays of low contrast and achieve the effect that is seen in “Imperfect Balance” by Ursuleanu Daniel. Finally, I found the work of Aileen Wessely titled “Geometry Meets Landscape.”¬†When I saw it, I knew that this technique was the one that I wanted to develop in this project. It was the concept of using the photo itself to enhance its interest without any additional factors that truly intrigued me. Wessely flips, twists, and manipulates sections of a photo to turn it from an average photo into a fantastic piece of modern art. Through this technique, the photos jump back and forth between seeming normal yet having something interestingly off about it.

Of course, with my own work, I wanted to put my own twist into it. So, I decided to work completely in grayscale and aimed to evoke a strong sense of subconscious and surrealistic exploration within all three pieces.

Here are the three pieces shown before-and-after:





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  1. I love these pieces, Leo! I particularly like the “flipped” trees. While the first flipped trees seems to evoke a sense of an almost alien landscape, for some reason, the second is particularly disorienting. It’s amusing that your front page has picked up on the flipped trees in the circle as its featured image for the post. Having the cloud of earth removed from its context is cool.

    I’d be interested to hear how you feel your progress thus far has been. How do the pieces ties together, from the flipped trees back to the bubble wrap dress? Do you see a logical progression? What have you learned from this progress so far? How does this tie back to your original goal of working in fashion? Can the non-fashion techniques and ideas play back to your work in fashion?

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