Purpose: With university admissions just around the corner, this blog will be a virtual sketchbook of documentation for my progress through building a body of work suitable for a university art portfolio.

Plan: I intend to use this site as an outlet to log the explanation and progression of my projects that I undertake. I would like to start with the experimentation of different design aesthetics and ideas of avant garde art through the use of uncommon fabrics and materials. Additionally, I also want to explore aspects of abstract painting, graphic design, digital illustration, and photo manipulation in order to produce a portfolio with varying types of media.

Goal: At the end of the day, my top objective is to obtain admission to Parsons The New School For Design for a BFA in Fashion Design.

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  1. Looking forward to following your journey, Leo. I would be particularly interested in seeing and hearing about your influences as you progress. Who are you exploring as artists that are affecting how you think? Are you looking to media outside of the fashion world for inspiration? Are you searching for just design inspiration or are you also looking at new techniques to add to your pallet? I suspect that other developing designers could also benefit from the research end of what you do as well as the your design that result from the research!

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