Why this blog exists.

To you, who stumbled across this blog, and To myself:

This blog confuses me. I am not new to blogging. I have had a film review blog for 2 years now. The purpose of that blog is simple and clear – to write powerful film reviews that can sway the opinions of the masses, inspire thoughts amongst many, and, hopefully, invoke revelations in the few. These reviews were written for the readers – and readers there were many. After all, that blog belongs to a cinephile website, where people are always eager to condemn other’s opinions and find approval of their own.

But why would anyone want to read about this blog – these streams of consciousness, fragments of thoughts? In fact, why do we bother sharing our petty opinions on the internet at all?

Maybe writing, in the end, is more about sharing with oneself than with others.

Now it’s a record of thoughts; later it will become a memento, reminding me of who I am at this moment in time. It’s also more than a record: writing thoughts down almost always refines the thoughts. (Twitter and Facebook are glorious exceptions) It may not weed out the unsophisticated and the stupid, but it at least enhances, reduces, and organizes.

But writing for myself certainly isn’t all of it. If per chance you come across this place and happen to find it all to be interesting, it would most definitely be my pleasure and honor. Can’t simple wish for such luxury, though.

Years from now, when I stumble across this, what would I feel? I might laugh at my ridiculous naivety; I might find the thread that links up all the long-lost beads of memories; I might not even recognize – I might stare blankly, amused by this random writing of some youth. But if I do remember, I suppose one emotion would always be there – gratitude, toward these writings that brush off the dust which covers and conceals the portal into my past.


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