New Friends On Cypress

By John

Another trip in Discovery has come and the boys were eagerly excited for this one. This time, there were girls on the trip from the Crofton House Challenge program. Their Crofton Challenge program is very similar to Discovery, and provides outdoor leadership opportunities to students at CHS. This being our final winter trip, the students from both schools were stoked to finally be done with the excessive amounts of snow and rain we have gotten this year so far. We all hope this changes very soon.

This trip was also a Cross-Country Skiing adventure, a new activity for most students in the group. What we finally got up there after a short drive of gruesome weather, we got our skis, and boots and started to practice with our guides. During this time, the Crofton girls slowly started too funnel out of the rental building, and we all joined together in a bunch off small groups. The teachers from both schools were sure to assist in the immersion of the boys and girls together in groups. In the morning half of the day, we practice our techniques with our guides, and learning the fundamentals of cross-country skiing. After a rendezvous at one of the lodges, we shuffled the groups and continued our excursions. After we became confident with this new sport, we hiked all the way to the top of the small hill in which the trails were situated on.

Just from this small day trip I can tell you that cross country skiing is a very hard sport for any individual. The endurance, and skill needed to plow through the powder (since it was heavily snowing), and up some huge hills with no chairlifts on such tiny skills is a long and difficult process to learn. Of course, anything can be achieved by anyone. After we trekked back to the lodge, we indulged our selfs in some delicious hill side food, and we caught up and socialized with our new friends from a different school. After long line-ups, and long eating time, we managed to get ourselves outside to put in one more run

as a group. We went for a free-ski with anyone during the afternoon although it was significantly shorter then the morning. After this short free ski, in many groups, we headed back down the mountain to return our rentals and say our goodbyes. We disembarked after a fun and somewhat shorter then expected day of skiing with new friends.

Even though Cross country skiing is a very hard sport, I would like to have this experience again with the boys, and the girls. It was fun, challenging, and enjoyable for all, and I would defiantly do it again soon.

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