Gear Review: MEC Revy Gloves

By Andrew

Before we left for our first winter trip of the year, Manning Park, I did a complete overhaul of my clothing for the trip and realized that the loves I had worn for Ski Day were probably not going to cut it. So I went to theDiscovery boy’s second home, Mountain Equipment Co-op to buy some more things for Discovery…again.

Since we were supposed to be building snow shelters, I purchased two pairs of waterproof gloves (The MEC Revy gloves), and one liner pair that I didn’t think I would need. I wore them in the cold weather of Manning, and in the even colder weather of Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Provincial Park, and before I even begin talking about these gloves, let me point out that I was assured my gloves would get wet and I would need a second pair. I never even opened the second pair of gloves. There was no need at all for them.

The MEC Revy gloves are described as “Warm ski gloves ready for Revy, Whistler or wherever else the snow leads you.” on the MEC website. The gloves are coated with a waterproof layer on the outside, and on the inside have very thick padding on the back, and slightly thinner padding on the front, to ease the use of ski poles. Though I wasn’t skiing, I certainly appreciated the thoughtful touch added by the MEC equipment designers. The ability to grip with all my fingers made digging our snow caves at Elfin easier, and it also made gripping my hiking poles easier. Important, as we were hiking upwards for much of the trip.

The only minor complaint I had was that the gloves do not have an attached sleeve, so occasionally, snow will enter the wrist area. This isn’t so much a problem if you don’t crash much, but in my case, crashing every three or four minutes when skiing, the snow entering gets old quick.

In the end, the MEC Revy gloves kept my hands warm and dry, so much so that I did not need to unpack my second pair of gloves.

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